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Rejuvia's Midnight Breeze - an FAQ

Written by RC Williams — August 17, 2020

Rejuvia's Midnight Breeze - an FAQ

Sleep is one of those thing that just seems like no one can get right. We're all rushing, stressing and unbalancing all day long, and when it's time to try to hit the snooze button, we just can't seem to calm ourselves down. This is exactly why we launched our oral sleep spray - it's the perfect complement to your crazy, non-stop schedule. And we made sure that the formula, our proprietary sleep-inducing blend of organically grown hemp-extract and natural botanicals, can give you the relaxation and calmness you need to get the sleep you've been wanting.


We were pretty meticulous about which ingredients made the final cut. Midnight Breeze is made with organically grown hemp extract, organic gingko biloba, organic cinnamon oil and St. Johns wort extract. You'll notice we used the word 'organic' a lot - that's on purpose. We didn't entertain including any shady ingredients with unclear sources. The organic, all-natural ingredients give our sprays a double whammy - our oral sprays are already over four times as effective as traditional oils and pills, and since we included only extremely efficacious, organic ingredients, their effectiveness just gets better and better.


Right before bed - maybe about twenty minutes before you want to be asleep. Twenty minutes might even be a bit generous. You'll be dreaming before you know it after 6-8 sublingual sprays.

Serving Size?

We suggest starting with 6 sublingual oral sprays. The total spray comes with 240 metered sprays, so it theoretically will last you 30 days if you use 8 sprays each night. We always recommend to start with a lower dosage though. 

Not everyone needs the same amount of CBD - everyone has a different tolerance and it works differently for everyone.

Especially since our oral sprays are very bio-available, it won't hurt to start slow and take inventory after a few nights. 

Each spray has only 120mg of CBD included. You might initially think that it's a small amount, and trust us, it's not. Since we micro-ionize all of our ingredients, the dosage almost acts like it was double in size - your body absorb nearly all of it.

Final Thoughts?

Check out this page for more information about the quality of our ingredients and how we craft our formulations - we like to keep the standards pretty high.