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New Ways to Use Your CBD

Written by RC Williams — January 02, 2021

New Ways to Use Your CBD

What Are Surprising Ways To Use CBD?

CBD, the unbelievably versatile wellness trend, continues to surprise and impress consumers with its many benefits and uses. With the rise in innovative products and the success stories piling up, popular CBD brands continue to expand their inventories to cater to the growing number of loyal customers all over the United States.

CBD - The “Wonder-Supplement”

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a powerful, all-natural compound extracted from the hemp plant, and used in a variety of health and wellness products on the market today. Its quick rise in popularity began shortly after the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, which legalized the growth, sale, and use of hemp-based CBD - opening the door for retailers to create and market this so-called “wonder-supplement” freely. Since, customers are trusting the fast-acting ingredient to address many of their needs, including:

  • encouraging a more restful night’s sleep 
  • aiding in relaxation 
  • promoting healthy joint and muscle recovery
  • contributing to a healthy skin care routine
  • ...and more!

With so many bold positive claims from happy CBD consumers and with research being in its infancy, CBD enthusiasts are eager to continue finding new and innovative ways to make the most of this beneficial compound. If you are already a CBD lover, you have probably seen and used tried and true products like softgels and tinctures (taken sublingually), but you may be surprised to learn that there are many creative ways to easily incorporate CBD into your routine you’ve never even heard of … until now.

Four Surprising Ways To Use CBD

1. In your favorite beverage - If your day begins with a cup of coffee, tea, or a smoothie, you may want to shake things up and add a few drops of your favorite CBD oil to the mix. Simply squeeze your recommended dose into your beverage and stir (or blend if you’re making a smoothie), and enjoy! You can begin reaping the benefits of CBD in just a few sips! Note: refrain from heating your beverage after you’ve mixed the CBD product in, as high temperatures can reduce the potency of your CBD. 


2. As part of your normal skincare routine - As the human body’s largest organ, the skin thrives when it is nourished and moisturized, but few people realize that there are many CBD infused creams and balms which can be applied directly to the skin, amplifying the entire skin care routine. These products provide multiple benefits including overall skin-softening, relief to irritated areas, targeted joint support, and enhanced muscle recovery. Simply apply your CBD cream or balm directly to your skin topically in place of your regular moisturizer (or use during a massage), and inhale the relaxing essential oils as your skin absorbs the helpful ingredients and your body feels refreshed. 

3. As a breath freshener - You won’t find any breath mint or chewing gum that can compare to the icy freshness you can experience when you use a minty CBD product! The awakening sensation you’ll feel as you squeeze mint-flavored CBD oil under your tongue, or the cool, refreshing burst you’ll experience when you spray Cinnamint oral spray in your mouth will invigorate you and freshen your breath. Plus, with the added CBD ingredient being promptly absorbed into the many blood vessels in your mouth, you’ll be experiencing numerous benefits simultaneously as you achieve that freshly-brushed clean feeling any time of the day!  

    4. In a homemade bath bomb - If you are a creative DIY-er, this may be a fun project for you. There are numerous recipes for bath bombs infused with CBD using your favorite CBD oil, and they can be customized to meet your every preference. You can choose your favorite essential oils to make your experience as fragrant as you’d like, then reap the benefits of your hard work and take a cozy bath. Friendly tip: While you’ve got all of the ingredients out, we recommend you make a few. Once you give this surprisingly relaxing endeavor a try, this may be your new favorite bath accessory!

      These are just a small few of the numerous ways CBD can be used on a regular basis in unexpected ways; However, no matter how you choose to enjoy the benefits of CBD, it is important you choose products made by a company with a reputation for quality. As with anything else you plan to use for your health, you want to be sure the products you ingest or use on your skin are made with strict attention to detail, and are free of unwanted chemicals, pesticides, metals, and solvents.

      Choosing The Right CBD Products

      Because CBD is available for purchase all over the internet, in specialty shops, and in local stores across the United States, it can be difficult to know which brand to choose. One important thing to remember is that all CBD is not made equally. If you’ve never heard of the company, they don’t have a website you can refer to, and you are unsure if you can trust the label and ingredient list, trust your gut and find a different brand. 

      Your health is far too important to gamble with, that’s why CBD lovers across the country don’t shop around - they go straight to their trusted CBD provider: Rejuvia. Founded by medical professionals who have a passion for promoting balance and harmony to the lives of their customers, Rejuvia™ is committed to providing clean, safe, transparent products that are traceable from seed to bottle. They quickly gained their spotless reputation in the industry as a preferred CBD provider thanks to their: 

      ✓organically-grown hemp 

      ✓use of a scientifically-advanced extraction and purification process

      ✓nanoemulsion technology, making products more bioavailable than competitor's products

      ✓third-party lab testing for quality assurance

      ✓unmatched customer service

      With so many options to choose from, Rejuvia™ takes the guesswork out of deciding which company you can trust, so you can start focusing on your needs - and the right CBD product to meet them. For more about Rejuvia™, including their story and their detailed production process, you can visit their website. For a full list of Rejuvia’s™ THC-free, pure, Premium Grade CBD products, you can shop online here. If you find yourself seeking a personal recommendation, or you simply have a question about a product and would like to chat with a friendly CBD professional, you can call or email, and a helpful staff member will be happy to assist you! 

      Don’t wait to see the benefits that are possible when you add CBD to your routine -  improved wellness and vitality awaits!