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Our what

In the simplest terms, Rejuvia exists to help you live and feel your best self day after day. Our brand started after we asked a simple question: why are the effective wellness products often so inconvenient to use in our daily lives and always filled with questionable ingredients? Easy to ask. Hard to answer.

And that's how we started - on a quest to answer that question. And our solution? Find a way to source the highest quality and most effective ingredients from across the country and combine them into simple and convenient products that serve as lifestyle solutions to stress, sleep and mental fog.

Our how

Our CBD products are built to be simple in formulation, convenient in use and high in efficacy. When push came to shove, we set out to create products that we both needed ourselves and could confidently share with our community.

Along the way, we found a way to amplify the efficacy of our already-effective products. We use proprietary technology to nano-emulsify all of our ingredients. This process doubles your body's ability to absorb and put our organic ingredients to use. So, this technology combined with our clean, organic ingredients simply means that we make CBD products that actually work.

Our why

We believe in the influence that small, simple lifestyle changes can have on your overall life. Our believe in the power of the little things - the small new habits and rituals - is what drives our brand forward.

In our modern, fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to have healthy habits and prioritize your self-care. Having a simple, convenient and effective daily routine to help you manage the stresses of your life and commitments is crucial. And Rejuvia exists to support and empower those routines and lifestyle solutions.

Same cost to make

How we do it

To give the whole world access to better travel standards, we took the direct-to-consumer approach. Our pieces are made with the same top-quality materials as other premium luggage brands’. But our overhead is much lower and our quality is guaranteed—your Away suitcase will be with you for life.