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Transforming your daily life through simple, clean and effective products. Transforming your daily life through simple, clean and effective products.

Transforming daily life through simple, clean & effective products.

From Our Co-Founders, Kristen and RC

Hi! We're Kristen and RC. We're not only the co-founders of Rejuvia, but also the ultimate mother-son business duo!

We started Rejuvia back in December of 2019 — right in the middle of RC's time studying and playing soccer at the University of Pennsylvania.

Before founding Rejuvia and developing our oral sprays, we both faced very similar challenges each day — too much stress from work, life and school as well as too little natural sleep at night.

We decided to join forces — as mother-son business partners — and create the effective and clean productsthat we wish existed in the world. We wanted to create the products  we'd be proud to share with the world and that would actually help us with our daily challenges of stress and sleep. 

Clean and organic ingredients, simple and convenient form factor, GMP-compliant manufacturing, American-made — all of the boxes checked.

We wanted to create the cleanest, most effective and convenient product out there that didn't year exist.

Enter Rejuvia's Oral Sprays — they're as small and portable as a Sharpie marker and made with the cleanest, most organic ingredients out there.

Plus, with the unique and convenient absorption method, they can be much more effective than other options out there.

From just an idea in our family's living room back in 2019, to now being used by 50,000+ customers every single day,  it's been an incredible journey to this point.

We feel an incredible responsibility to deliver effective and trustworthy products to our customers every single day. It not only pushes us to be better every day and deliver a better experience for our customers, but it also is what we live to do.When we uphold our promises and help you improve your daily life, even just a little bit, it makes our day and it gives purpose to everything we do.

We are so grateful for you to join us on our journey and for you to give us our products the opportunity to make your life better.

Meet Rejuvia's Founders

We're on a mission to help millions of people live healthier lives. We believe that through small, daily habits and routines, you can create big improvements in mental and physical health. Our oral sprays embody that core believe of ours and are just the starting point for our wellness revolution.