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You asked. We answered.

A Few FAQs

How do i use the CBD oral sprays?

Super easy. Just spray 6-8 times directly under your tongue and you're good to go. Oral sprays for the win!

Why are oral sprays better than oils and pills?

Our oral sprays are 3-4x more effective than standard oils and pills. The oral sprays are designed so you absorb the ingredients sublingually which skips your digestive system, where standard oils and pills lose most of their efficacy. Our sprays are absorbed nearly 4x more than standard oils and pills because of this!

How long do the CBD sprays last?

Each spray bottle comes with 240 total sprays, so they should last you just about a month if you use each of them once a day! They're lean, mean and powerful.

How much cbd is in the sprays?

Our sleep spray has 120mg of CBD and our focus spray has 240mg of CBD. We use slightly lower doses because we micro-ionize our formulas, which makes them over 4x as effective as standard oils and pills. In other words, you get way more bang for your buck.

Are the sprays thc-free?

Oh yeah! Our sprays are 100% THC-free. We ensure this with our proprietary removal technology to ensure purity, potency and safety.

What do the CBD sprays help me with?

Our CBD focus spray will help you stay focused and on-task all day long, while our CBD sleep spray will help you find the best, restorative sleep of your life.

When will my order ship?

We offer free same-day shipping on all orders - so it will ship right away! That's one of the benefits from shopping from a family-owned and run business :)

Can I use the sprays while breastfeeding?

Good question! Unfortunately we cannot advise you here, so please consult your physician or doctor.

Is Rejuvia's CBD THC-free?

Yes, our CBD is 100% THC-free. We use the highest quality, organic CBD and utilize our proprietary removal technology to remove all traces of THC. This is how we ensure purity, potency and safety in all of our products. We like playing it extra safe.

What is an oral spray?

Simple! It's like regular capsules or oils that you are already familiar with, but just in a different delivery method. Instead of swallowing capsules or dropping oil under your tongue, all you do with our CBD oral sprays is spray them directly under your tongue. Simple, easy and ultra-effective. Even tasty too.

Are the CBD oral sprays effective?

Yes - they are over 2-3x more effective than typical capsules and oils. This is because our spray formula is micro-ionized, meaning the molecules are shrunk down to 1/10th of the standard size, making it much easier for your body to absorb and put to work.

What's Rejuvia's return policy?

We offer free returns on all unopened products within 14 days of your purchase. No questions asked. If you aren't happy with your order, let us know!

Can I talk to someone at Rejuvia?

Totally - shoot our team an email at and we'll be happy to talk to you! We like making friends.

Do you have a discount for first time customers?

Yes, of course we do! Use the code WELCOME at checkout for 20% off your first order of our sprays. You can thank us later.