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Hi, Welcome to Rejuvia.

Who We Are + Why We Exist

We're creators, innovators and forward-thinkers. We strive to make an impact with our voice and create a healthier populous. We exist for two reasons - to create high quality, innovative CBD products and to fight the stigma and discrimination of mental illness in our world.

It's bigger than you think

Mental illness is a disorder of the brain. It includes things like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and much more. In our country alone, over 25% of all young adults experience mental illness in any given year.

Younger adults and mental illness

Over the last decade, mental illness has significantly increased in young adults. The increase in digital and social media use has been a major contributor, as well as the increasingly lack of stability in millennial social life.

Fighting the stigma

Those suffering from a mental illness face an incredible amount of prejudices - they’re often presumed to be unpredictable, violent or even can be seen as a threat. We believe these prejudices are wrong. They’re the root cause of the stigmatizing attitudes and discrimination that discourages speaking up and seeking help.

Our Contribution

Through our founding family, our partner network and a portion of our sales revenue, we're able to select an impactful non-profit organization to donate to each month in order to amplify our mission of ending the stigma and discrimination of mental illness.