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Pure Tranquility

CBD Sleep Capsules

Pure Tranquility

CBD Sleep Capsules |
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What's inside

Clean label, clean ingredients, clean feeling.

Scientist Formulated.

We use only the best available ingredient research studies and customer feedback to inspire our formulations.

Tested, Trusted.

We test our products three different times in our manufacturing process through in-house and third-party testing.

Clean, Pure, Efficacious.

Through meticulous ingredient sourcing and testing, we ensure our formulas don’t contain any pesticides, heavy metals or harmful solvents.

High Bioavailability

We micro-ionize our CBD, meaning we shrink the particles down so theycan be over three times more bioavailable than typical CBD.

Hear why we're getting the love

"I know that when I take Rejuvia, I'm taking the highest quality CBD out there."

- Lauren Fisher

Athlete, Founder of Grown Strong

Only the highest quality, organic ingredients

We use the highest quality, THC-free CBD alongside organic essential oils and natural botanicals. We even put a QR code on each individual product box that links to the lab reports when you scan it. 

Q's? WE've got A's.