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CBD and Caffeine

Written by RC Williams — February 16, 2021

CBD and Caffeine

What You Should Know about CBD and Caffeine

It’s no secret that CBD has recently become popular in health and wellness communities coast-to-coast – and with good reason. So many of us are looking for ways to treat health issues we have struggled with for a long time in a safe and natural way, and many others of us are simply looking to approach each day feeling calmer, more centered, and with a more focused energy. Some of us who feel that way have discovered CBD, and others of us who feel that way have discovered not only CBD, but caffeine-infused CBD products such as CBD coffee, for example. CBD coffee is, in fact, quite popular, and many report using these products with very positive results. Many are asking, why is this so? CBD and caffeine each have their own unique effects on our health and interact together in interesting ways.

The Proven Health Benefits of CBD

As those who have taken CBD probably already know, some of the many proven benefits of CBD include:

  •  Reducing the complications of mood disorders by decreasing anxious feelings and encouraging feelings of calm;
  •  Reducing the effects of pain whether from long-term conditions or acute injuries;
  •  Encouraging a healthy night’s sleep;
  •  Improving overall skin health;
  •  Encouraging healthy hormone and neurotransmitter secretion;
  •  Helping to combat addiction;

CBD has even been shown to be beneficial for pets who, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system that responds positively to the interaction between cannabinoids like CBD and the endocannabinoid receptors. Even better, because it is entirely natural and works within the existing systems of our bodies, CBD has repeatedly been shown to be safe and effective for long-term use with very few side effects (as opposed to many prescription medications taken for the same purposes).

A Variety of CBD Options

As a result of the many benefits it offers, CBD has become increasingly popular and its popularity is only expected to grow. Those interested in trying CBD have no shortage of options. From topical applications, to softgels, to edibles, tinctures, and any number of other options, there is a product out there to fit each preference and health need. In addition to the number of CBD products available, it is also becoming increasingly common to see CBD added to other products that we commonly consume. Sometimes, it is added to foods. Sometimes it is added to beverages like smoothies. And quite frequently, it is added to coffee.

In fact, it is not at all uncommon in many places to go to a coffee shop and see a CBD coffee offering or to stroll down the cold beverage section of your grocery store to find an ever-growing selection of CBD cold brews. Many people think of CBD and its calming, relaxing effect, and caffeine as having a stimulating, energizing effect, and wonder how the two interact with one another. This is an entirely understandable question and one with a very interesting answer.

The Interaction between CBD and Caffeine

Recent studies have shown that, in fact, coffee and cannabis (from which CBD is derived) actually activate some of the same pathways in the brain, and as a result, complement each other extremely well. Caffeine has actually been proven to have any number of different beneficial effects in the body, including promoting alertness, boosting metabolism, and even providing neuroprotective properties. On the downside, caffeine also has a reputation for creating occasional anxiety and increased blood pressure, depending upon the amount consumed. CBD, by contrast, is known for reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality, and even reducing blood pressure.

It is therefore interesting to note that, when CBD and caffeine are combined, the ultimate effect is often the best of both worlds. The two work to balance one another out in interesting ways. CBD, for example, has been known to encourage a restful night’s sleep, while caffeine is, in fact, known for quite the opposite. When the two are consumed together (such as in a CBD-infused coffee), the end result can be a productive boost of energy and focus without discouraging the possibility of a restful night’s sleep later in the evening. CBD, in essence, negates the negative effects of caffeine while still allowing for many of the positive benefits.

Those who have consumed CBD along with caffeine often report that the CBD takes away the jittery edge that is commonly associated with coffee consumption. Instead, it leaves a calm, extremely focused feeling behind. The feeling has been described by some as a focused burst of energy, which both clams and encourages heightened attention span at the same time.

Those who are particularly interested about the interaction between caffeine and CBD likely need look no further than a local coffee shop, health food store, or grocery store aisle, where products containing both are likely to be available. As with any product, finding a product that contains CBD and caffeine in the right strains and amounts that work best for your body is a bit of trial and error. But after a small amount of sampling, many quickly find a product and dosage that is a wonderful addition to their health and wellness routine.

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