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Answers To Your Questions
Learn more about Rejuvia and our all-natural oral sprays.
Orders & Shipping
Of course - always and forever! We offer free same-day shipping on all orders. Once you place an order, it will ship out in under 12 hours :)
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. But, if you change your mind about your order, please email with your order number. We’re happy to offer you a refund within 14 days of the initial purchase date on all unopened products in your order, not including additional Return Shipping Charges. All returns are subject to internal review and a 20% restocking fee. Returns do impact our small, family-run business, but we are happy to work with you :)
All 50 states. We do not yet ship internationally.
We process orders on the same day, so it will get shipped either the same day you placed it or immediately the next morning.
While you can cancel an order before its charge date, we are unable to cancel an order once it has been processed. You can check your account for shipping details.
If your order is received before 2PM Monday through Friday, we are usually able to get it out the door that same day.
If you do not already have an account, register for an account by navigating to "Register" in the footer. Use the email you originally used when starting your subscription. Your new account will automatically load your subscription into it so you can then manage it. Email our team at if you need further help.
You can manage your subscription directly in your account portal or by emailing us at
While you can cancel an order before its charge date, we are unable to cancel an order once it has been processed. You can check your account for shipping details.
You can either create a customer account under "Register" in our footer using the email you used to start a subscription OR you can shoot us an email at and we'll help out.
Simple! It's like regular supplement pills or oils that you're already familiar with, but just a different delivery method (and WAY more effective). Instead of swallowing capsules or dropping oil under your tongue, all you do with our sprays is spray them directly under your tongue. Simple, easy and ultra-effective. Even tasty too.
Super easy. Just spray 6-8 times directly under your tongue and you're good to go. Oral sprays for the win!
Our oral sprays are 4x more effective than standard supplement oils and pills. Our sprays are designed so that you immediately absorb the ingredients sublingually to skip our your digestive system - where standard oils and pills lose most of their efficacy.
Oh yeah! All of our products are 100% THC-free. We ensure this with our proprietary removal technology to ensure purity, potency and safety.
We do have to suggest consulting with a physician regarding anyone under 21 using our products. However, once you get the green light, then we totally suggest giving Rejuvia a try :)
Spray them directly under your tongue or on the inner lining of your cheek for maximum efficacy :)
Yes, our oral sprays are gluten-free.
Yes we do. Three whole times. Triple-lab tested, baby! All of our products come with a Certificate of Analysis to ensure we are using the finest ingredients and you can access it via a QR code on the packaging. We batch-test and validate with certified third-party labs to ensure purity and consistency. Shoot us an email at if you have any questions!
Nope, our products are 100% THC-Free and broad-spectrum. So no high here!
If you use 8 sprays per day, then they will last a whole month (30 days)! Once opened, you should use the spray within 60 days.
Yes, you can travel freely with your Rejuvia products in the United States in accordance with TSA regulations.
Totally - shoot us an email at we'll chat! We like making new friends :)
Please do :)
Unfortunately, hemp brands are not allowed to use PayPay and other similar payment services. It's tough, but something our business has to manage! If you want to help us in the fight, please email PayPal at and tell them to let Rejuvia use PayPal!