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Rejuvia CBD Sleep Capsules

Written by RC Williams — February 13, 2021

Rejuvia CBD Sleep Capsules

It’s no secret that the world today is busy. Most of us feel as if we are running a mile a minute and juggling any number of things at once. This can be difficult for even the most well-rested person. But if you struggle with sleeplessness, it can be extremely difficult to make it through the day and feel that you are accomplishing what you need to with the energy that you need to do it.

That’s why, at Rejuvia, we are happy to offer a safe, natural way to help overcome that difficulty. Our softgels with melatonin offer all of the benefits of CBD with the added bonus of melatonin to encourage a healthy night’s sleep. If you have been interested in the health benefits of CBD and also struggle with sleeplessness, our softgels are an excellent choice to help address both issues at once.

What Is Melatonin and How Can It Help Me?

Melatonin is a hormone that is normally secreted by the pineal gland in our bodies. Melatonin helps to control our daily sleep and wake cycles. Our bodies “internal clock” influences how much melatonin the pineal gland secretes, but in some individuals, not enough melanin is secreted to encourage a healthy night’s sleep. That is why melatonin supplements are helpful; they act as a natural supplement to the work the body is already doing. When combined with the benefits of CBD, our softgels are particularly effective in not only encouraging a healthy night’s sleep, but in enhancing overall health and wellness, too.

What Are Some of the Benefits That Rejuvia Softgels Offer?

  •       Help Managing Aches and Pains: CBD has been proven highly effective in relieving pain because it acts as a supplement to the endocannabinoid system in our body. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining the balance in our bodies. It does this by utilizing a system of cannabinoid receptors throughout the body that help to regulate important processes like metabolism, temperature, hormone secretion, and others. CBD interacts directly with the endocannabinoid receptors to reduce pain and swelling.
  •       Managing the Symptoms of Chronic Conditions: While our softgels cannot cure chronic conditions, CBD has been proven to reduce the symptoms associated with them⎯ including providing relief from pain, nausea, and sleeplessness𑁋making living with them a bit more manageable.
  •       Reducing the Symptoms of Mental Conditions: In much the same way that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors to reduce pain and swelling, it also interacts with that system to positively increase production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. When production of these hormones is increased, overall feelings of well-being and happiness are increased as well. Those who struggle with common mood disorders, or simply feel a bit overwhelmed by the stress of day-to-day life, can benefit tremendously from our softgels as a result.
  •       Help with Other Common Conditions: CBD has also been shown to help with any number of other conditions, including management of acne, help with overcoming addiction, increasing overall feelings of vitality, and more. New benefits are, in fact, being discovered by scientists and medical researchers all the time.

Clearly, the benefits of CBD are many, and our softgels are an excellent way to quickly and effectively feel better. As with any product, however, not all softgels are created equal. Why choose Rejuvia? The answer is simple.

The Rejuvia Difference

At Rejuvia, our emphasis is on purity, transparency, and quality from the very beginning. From seed to bottle, we grow our proprietary strain of hemp with maximum health benefits with our consumers in mind. Our softgels are phytocannabinoid-rich and made using our proprietary water-soluble hemp oil. They are fast absorbing and contain smaller particles that are approximately 25 nm in size (many of our competitors have particle sizes up to 200 times larger). This means that our softgels are easily and quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. They deliver the benefits you want, when you want them, and in an effective, efficient manner.

Moreover, our softgels are zero THC, premium grade, lab tested, and free of contaminants that you don’t want. Our products are pure, safe, beneficial, and effective – every single time. Begin your new chapter of greater health and wellness and a better night’s sleep, today, with Rejuvia softgels with melatonin.