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Rejuvia oral spray bottle with cap separated on a white background.

Rejuvia Sleep Spray

★★★★★ 6,143 Verified 5-Star Reviews


3114 reviews

The fastest growing alternative to melatonin gummies and Ambien that's helping thousands fall asleep faster, sleep through the night and wake up feeling like a million bucks.

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Sleep Spray



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“I thought these wouldn't work for me because, but I tried them anyway... And WOW. These sprays are the real deal. They work as advertised. I am falling asleep in 15-20 minutes each night, and sleeping through the entire night. Thankful I found these. You won't regret trying them."

- Carolyn M.

Verified Customer

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Melatonin gummies and sleeping pills can't offer all of the benefits that our sleep spray can. Plus, they can leave you groggy in the morning and aren't meant to be taken nightly.

Absorbs in Just 10-15 Minutes

9+ All-Natural Ingredients

Sleep The Entire Night

Customize Your Dosage Easily

Fall Asleep Quickly At Night


'REJUVIA oral spray bottle with cap beside it on a white background.'



Reviews From Over 100,000+ Customers

To date, our sleep spray has helped over 100,000 customers get deep, restorative sleep each night.

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