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3 Unique Times To Use Your Rejuvia CBD Focus Spray

Written by RC Williams — February 14, 2022

3 Unique Times To Use Your Rejuvia CBD Focus Spray

If you just ordered your first Glowing Lucidity focus spray, then you may be wondering when you should look to use it. Or if you’re a seasoned spray-user, then you might be looking for some new ideas for when you should use your focus spray.

We broke down three unique (and stressful) times to put your Glowing Lucidity to work. Because after all, wouldn’t it be nice to be cool, calm and collected 24/7/365? Here we go 👇


1. After Breakfast Right Before You Start Work

This is the ideal time to put your Rejuvia CBD Focus Spray to work. We suggest going for a few minty sprays right after breakfast but before you started work because the CBD is more readily absorbed by your body and digestive system after you eat some food.

The focus spray will also hand-in-hand with your morning cup of coffee (or tea). When you take the two together, you can expect your Glowing Lucidity to help take away the jitters from your caffeine and help you find a sense of balance and calmness but still with the energy boost from the caffeine.

And there’s no better feeling than starting the day with a fresh, motivated and calm mind, right?


2.  Before That Late-Afternoon Productivity Slump

We all know this feeling - it’s about 2pm or 3pm in the afternoon during the workday and all you can think about the day ending. But you’ve got work to do and our focus spray is here to save the day.

Go for 6-8 sprays when you start feeling that productivity slump start to kick in. You’ll feel like you’re about to start a whole new day after a few minutes and be ready to take on the afternoon with a renewed sense of vigor and energy!


3. When The Fam Gets Home (Or... The Kids)

Ok. Here we go. Right when you thought the day was wrapping up and you’d get a relaxing evening in front of the TV or with your new favorite book. But you alarmingly hear “MOOOO-OOOMMM” or “DAAA-AAD” and you RUN for your Glowing Lucidity spray.

Just like for the late afternoon productivity slump, your focus spray is here to save you. A few more sprays early in the evening will keep you feeling stress-free and like your best self when it comes to family time and spending time with loved ones. Because that’s what it’s all about.