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CBD Oral Sprays - FAQ

Written by RC Williams — August 18, 2020

CBD Oral Sprays - FAQ

We know - we get this question every single day. Oral sprays used to be only for getting rid of your bad breath, but now they're for feeling better. We're here to walk you through exactly what a CBD oral spray is, what it does and how to even use it.

What is a CBD Oral Spray?

It's the newest, most convenient way to take your CBD. It's a combination of the best sublingual delivery method of wellness supplements and organic, extremely effective ingredients, including premium hemp-based CBD. Our sprays are built to be used sublingually (under your tongue), just like regular CBD oil.

A CBD oral spray has similar to ingredients to regular CBD supplements, except the oral spray makes them more convenient to access, keeps them mess-free and helps them taste like a minty treat.

The ingredients in our oral sprays, including our organically-grown hemp CBD are all micronized. Big, scientific word, but easy to understand - micronized means that the ingredients are shrunk down into very small particles, which gives your body a better ability to absorb them. This makes our CBD oral sprays over four times as effective as other sublingual wellness supplements.

What Does a CBD Oral Spray Do?

We almost want to say they do everything - but there are a few key things you should know about our oral sprays and what they do.

First - our sleep spray helps you get the sleep you've been looking for your entire life. Our proprietary formulation in our CBD oral sleep spray is extremely efficacious and sleep-inducing - meaning it really makes you sleep better.

We included over five naturally occurring botanicals in our sleep spray - ingredients from St. Johns Wort extract to organic Gingko Biloba. Alongside our organically grown hemp-based CBD, the natural botanicals and essential oils we've including will give you zzz's like you've never experienced before.

Second - our CBD focus spray will give you better clarity and focus throughout the day. We've included things like organic peppermint oil and organic cinnamon oil to give you a burst of motivation and energy, alongside organically grown hemp-based CBD to give you that calm feeling we so desperately need each day.

How Do I Even Use It?

It's pretty simple - but still trips some people up. 

All you do is spray your spray six to eight times under your tongue, swish around your mouth and swallow. That's it. 

No holding it for a minute under your tongue and then swallowing it and getting a grass-like taste, or waiting two hours before it starts to kick in. 

Our CBD oral sprays start to take effect right away - which means you can access better feelings exactly when and where you want them.