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Meet Rejuvia

Written by RC Williams — August 07, 2020

Meet Rejuvia

Meet Rejuvia - we're a new kind of consumer wellness brand.

Our founders, Kristen and RC Williams set out to create a lifestyle wellness brand to make feeling better more modern and more convenient.

We were first introduced to CBD about three years ago. As expected, it entirely changed our lives, our mental health and our physical feelings for the better - no arguments there. The only problem was that it was extremely inconvenient to use. We thought that there had to be a better way - a way to transform CBD into a twenty-first century supplement. 

So we obsessively researched the best delivery method of wellness supplements, which turned out to be sublingually (under your tongue). That made sense to us since traditional CBD oil was meant to be delivered sublingually, just in an inconvenient, messy way.

Our next problem was about the method itself - how could we transform CBD so that you didn't have to use a dropper full of oil to take it, yet maintain a sublingual delivery?

An oral spray.

It was a foreign idea for a product to us at first - when have we ever used an oral spray before? But once we started to formulate and test out our sprays, we never looked back. They were extremely convenient, built for the on-the-go lifestyle that we live, and even more effective than traditional oils and pills. We had a winner.

Once we decided to go all-in with our sprays, it turned into an obsession over which ingredients we decided to include. After all, why make a revolutionary product and then include shady, artificial ingredients?

We made a promise to ourselves to include only organic, all-natural ingredients. It seemed like an obvious commitment to make, but the sourcing, the testing and the actual formulating made it a pretty rigorous process.

In the process of creating and formulating our first two sprays, we learned that we'd be able to make them so that they'd be over four times as bio-available as traditional CBD products. 

We're so excited to be able to share our sprays with you - we never imagined that we'd find something we're so passionate about and share it with the world.