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What Are the Most Popular CBD Extraction Methods?

Written by RC Williams — February 16, 2021

What Are the Most Popular CBD Extraction Methods?

CBD is the amazing, news-worthy “wonder-supplement” making headlines across the nation. Since 2018, when the Farm Bill was passed making it legal to purchase and consume CBD containing less than .3% THC, consumers immediately rushed to see what the buzz was all about. After giving it a try, many CBD skeptics became CBD enthusiasts, as they quickly realized the impact CBD can have on one’s day to day life.  

For those who still have hesitation about CBD and many unanswered questions, look no further. In summary, CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of many helpful compounds extracted from the hemp plant. Though from the same genetic family as marijuana, hemp is a different, legal variation of the cannabis plant. Upon consumption, CBD has the remarkable ability to mimic the naturally-occurring endocannabinoids our body already makes (which help maintain important bodily functions). As a result, individuals report increased overall mental and physical vitality. As an all-natural, plant-based supplement, it’s clear why CBD has become so popular in the health and wellness community. 

How Does CBD Get Extracted from the Hemp Plant - And Is It Safe? 

There are many reasons a curious consumer may be interested in how CBD is extracted from hemp and whether the process is safe. Customers may also wonder if some methods are preferable over others to ensure the highest quality CBD is extracted and used in their favorite CBD products. 

Because there tends to be multiple ways to achieve the same goal, not every CBD retailer will utilize the same extraction methods. And it is beneficial for customers to know exactly what they are purchasing – and how it was produced – in order to make the most informed choices for their health. 

Here are the most popular extraction methods used by top CBD brands:

  • CO Extraction - The most common CBD extraction method utilized by well-known CBD retailers is the CO extraction method. This scientifically fascinating process includes the use of supercritical carbon dioxide to extract the helpful compounds. This is accomplished by first precisely controlling the temperature of the CO to make it microscopically permeable to the plant. Then, the CO works to dissolve and collect the extract, separating it from the plant using technologically-advanced chambers. This method is favorable, as the detailed process leaves little room for error, and the complex, expensive equipment extracts extremely high-quality CBD. Furthermore, CO is used in the production of countless other safe-to-consume products, so it can be trusted in the CBD extraction process..
  • Solvent Extraction - Another well-known CBD extraction method is the practice of solvent extraction. This modest extraction method essentially works by using ethanol as a solvent, and mixing it with healthy hemp plant trimmings. Once the ethanol dissolves the extracts from the plant, the mixture is strained, then the ethanol/solvent blend is gradually heated until the ethanol evaporates, leaving only the CBD extract. Though this method sounds easier than the high-tech CO extraction method, it also involves more risk. Because ethanol is highly flammable and part of this process involves heating the mixture, it could be extremely dangerous if not done with proper precautions. In addition, exposing CBD extract to excessive heat may compromise the potency of that product. Other common solvents used for this method include hydrocarbons like propane and butane.
  • Olive Oil Extraction - The easiest (and by far the safest) DIY extraction method is using olive oil (or your favorite cooking oil). This straightforward method may be relatively simple, but it also results in highly diluted CBD-infused oil. Because it is an infused oil, not a pure extract, the potency is significantly lower than using more complex extraction methods. Simply combine plant trimmings (which some people choose to decarboxylate first) with your olive oil and slowly heat it for up to two hours. Once the plant pieces are strained, the oil is infused and ready for use. 

Being more in-the-know about these extraction methods equips you with additional knowledge while shopping and helps you make the most informed decisions about your health and wellness supplements.

Which Extraction Method Is the Best?

Some may feel that this is a matter of opinion. “Best” can certainly be relative. However, the preferred methods utilized by most professional CBD brands are the CO extraction method and the solvent extraction method. When done by professionals, these scientifically advanced processes leave little room for error and ensure a potent plant extract. If these methods are attempted at home by a brave or adventurous consumer, there is the potential for mistakes that may compromise the extract potency or even the safety of the individual. Overall, for those seeking a DIY CBD extraction experience, methods like olive oil extraction is the safest to try. For more advanced CBD extraction through the CO extraction method or the solvent extraction method, it is best to leave the complex science to professionals.

As an informed consumer, you now know and understand some of the various ways CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. When selecting your favorite CBD supplements, be sure to choose a trustworthy CBD company who provides a detailed description of their entire process – from the seed being planted to the product being bottled for retail sale. Well-known, highly trusted companies like Rejuvia take the stress and confusion away from finding high-quality products, as they guarantee that their products are potent, safe, and made with the utmost attention to detail. 

Rejuvia offers customers high quality, organically grown, Premium Grade CBD supplements. The founders of this trustworthy CBD provider have nearly 50 years of medical experience, so their passion for providing safe, non-addictive wellness products is fueled by their innate drive to improve the lives of others and bolstered by a deep, thorough knowledge of the human body. 

Every one of Rejuvia’s carefully crafted CBD supplements is made with strict attention to detail, ensuring that there are no traces of unwanted solvents, pesticides, or metals. Also, every product is completely THC-free, giving customers the peace of mind that they will not experience any psychoactive side effects while benefiting from the helpful ingredients in each supplement.  

You can read all about Rejuvia’s full process, get to know the founders of this wellness-driven brand, and shop for your favorite CBD products from the comfort of your home by visiting their website. If you have any questions about the detailed, proprietary production process, a specific CBD supplement, or are seeking individualized recommendations, you can call or email us at to their knowledgeable CBD professionals, and they will be eager to assist you in your CBD journey.